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Diamond Color

The color of a diamond depends on the quantity and nature of trace elements within the stone and how these elements originated. Most commercially available diamonds range in color from colorless to pale yellowish. There are other colors of diamonds known as "fancy diamonds" which can be pink, blue, green, yellow, brown and even black.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) provides a letter scale in which diamonds are graded based on their color. The following diagram illustrates the range of color grades:

NOTE: The colors on this chart are for demostration purposes only. Since all monitors display colors diferrently, what you see on this chart may not represent the exact color grade.

Arka Design won't carry anything bellow J color stones.
Please call us at 800-453-0501 for more detail.

Diamonds that are graded in the D-F range are the rarest and consequently most valuable. In reality, diamonds in the G-J range have such a small amount of color that the untrained eye can not see it and as such offer a great value. In order to provide our customers with the finest possible selection of inventory, you will not find any diamonds rated below J in color on the web site. Fancy color diamonds are available in their own section and do not follow the letter grading conventions in the chart above.

This characteristic of a diamond causes a slight blue glow when the stone is exposed to intense, direct ultraviolet light. This type of light can typically be found in nightclubs. A small amount of ultraviolet light comes directly from the sun.There are differing opinions on fluorescence and whether to avoid it or not.